Home Garden Toolbox

Teach people to grow nutritious vegetables

Home Garden Toolbox

Teach people to grow nutritious vegetables

Welcome to the Home Garden Toolbox! Use this collection of training materials and crop production guides to customize home garden training programs for the needs of your project beneficiaries, partners, or country. Need a guide to facilitate a single session on making compost, for instance? You’ll find it here. Want to offer a multi-session home garden program for a full agricultural season? Download the full Toolbox in one click or pair together any number of guides to create your training program. Use the crop production guides for a quick review of the best methods to plant, cultivate and harvest specific vegetable crops.

Training sessions are available for each stage of growing a home garden. Gardeners first learn how to carefully observe the landscape around them to pick a gardening site. They progress through the season learning the skills they need to build healthy soil, plant a garden bed, control pests and diseases, manage water, and save seeds. Each lesson builds gardeners’ confidence and enthusiasm for using their home gardens to improve their household’s access to healthy vegetables and fruits.

All guides can be used with low literacy and illiterate populations and encourage gardeners to learn from each other as they work toward building more productive gardens.

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Facilitator Guides

Step-by-step home gardening guides
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Crop Growing Guidelines

Crop-specific information to get started


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